Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

When hiring a PR company makes things worse.

They reach out too often to creators and waste their time. Building less and less goodwill between you and the creator. Making them trust you less and put you on ignore more and more often.

The way to proceed with those creators is to stop messaging them and all the other creators.

Instead you should follow a more relationship building approach.

  • First, identify the niche that your game is in.
  • Second, find creators that are in that niche.
  • Third, post in areas that they post etc so that eventually they get visibility. Be helpful to them not hurtful, annoying, and stinky.
  • Once you have visibility they may stream your game on their own. Or if you have built a relationship with them they may be willing to do it with a simple direct message.

However, if you ask, don’t keep asking. Stop after that message and keep showing up in a way that matters.

Reverse the situation and imagine how if you were a content creator why would you even bother with your game? The reality is you may be shooting way too high and need to target content creators that are more at your level.

Any day of the week I would help out a game developer that has been super helpful and useful to me. Instead of just preying on my attention.

Be helpful.

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