Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Stop wasting your money!

You’ve spend your hard earned cash on a pixel artist and it takes them 3 weeks to deliver something you thought should have only taken a week. To then, find out that another artist delivers 21 times the amount of stuff in 3 days.

How did I mess up so much?

A real head scratcher. How did I mess up so much? My money is gone and my time wasted. I need a real pixel artist who can deliver.

Here is what worked for me.

Find their ecosystem

I first browsed around the internet and found a few communities that were centered around pixel art. I figured out what their reputation system was.

People were getting ranked for actual pixel art work and discussing on their message boards how to better their craft. These guys were the real deal.

  • The ecosystem must have a reputation system
  • This reputation is your leverage if the pixel artist is a scammer. Keep proof.

Once I was convinced I created a job posting in their forum with specific features.

  • How to communicate with me
    • Private Message on the Forum
    • Reply to the post.

Any messages that I received that were not on the forum I told them to use the website that I posted on.

This was interested as it lead to some folks that flat out said “I don’t have a enough reputation there.”, “I don’t have an account”, ” I can’t get an account.”.

I took that as a red flag. Since their portfolio existed outside of the community and they had no reputation.

Once you get some leads that follow simple directions.

Browse their portfolio

You better find something in their portfolio that looks close to what you really want. Don’t settle either. It better be good.

Additionally, their portfolio better only have portfolio worthy art. Nothing goofy that doesn’t make sense. They shouldn’t have ugly WIP or things. This will tell you their professionalism right ahead.

  • Their portfolio matches your style
  • Portfolio must have portfolio worthy art.
  • Their portfolio is their reputation.

Define your terms and respect theirs

If your pixel artist is a slow and high quality artist. Make sure that works with your project. I’d rather have a later release date and superior pixel art than quick and dirty.

You have to work with them. This job is a relationship building exercise. The money gets them to be there. Eventually they should want to stick around.


Price is key here. When you are given a price that is high you better slow down. You need to experiment first.

  • Small test batches. Nothing large.
  • Every piece of work needs to be complete.

These small test batches are to give you quick results and see what their pace is.
By seeing the results you will know what to expect. These small test batches should be done in less than a week.

Build Trust

You are entering into a long relationship with this vendor. It is in your best interest to make sure they know that you will pay them on time always. NEVER be slow with payments.

  • Pay half up front and half on completion.
  • Pay all upfront once you have established a relationship that is solid.

If there are any unanswered questions let me know.

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