Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Random Arcade Pic

The arcade is missing from modern games.
No not the forced deaths. The feeling of the environment. We used to have ourselves on display for others to pass by and be intrigued by how well or how bad we were doing. You could see how a game was played by others in real time.
This common pastime has shifted to and live streaming, which is a great place to start, but it is still not the same. We are not in the same room as the other person.
A place in which I’ve seen this feeling replicated, but not in a casual manner is live speed runs at events or competitive smash bros. These events actually keep some of the pastime with it.
These events are filled with experts and it becomes more of a sporting event. Which isn’t bad. It just isn’t like watching someone play baseball at the local field. The arcade is gone.

What about an indie game arcade? The arcade machine would just house the games and people would pay to be there for an hour or 2 like a modern arcade. This would give indie games more exposure and if someone is playing a game and it looks fun you will want to jump in too right?

The arcade console could have a LED screen for the front and side faces of the arcade machine. The actual input would be either a controller or an arcade style button system. Players would choose which game they wanted to play and it would update the LED front and side faces of the arcade machine. Showing everyone around you which game you are playing.

HEY I want to play that! Then you hop on another arcade machine and play it. You could also solve a local coop feature this way to. Each machine could have its own ID which could relate it to the other machines in the network. Then you could have people playing games together arcade style and have people watch them play.

Maybe the future of the arcade revolves around an indie game arcade machine.

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