Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Hacky solutions work for the home.

When over engineering hurts you.

It is 5pm, you want to get home, but you’ve been spending the last 4 hours trying to write out a solution to a problem. You know how to solve it in a quick and dirty way, but your nagging college professor reminds you “SOLID Design principles!” so you keep engineering a solution and miss getting home on time.

You knew that you could have been done at 9:15AM in the morning with a hacky solution and in spite of that you chose to engineer a long term solution.

Engineering Everything Makes Everything Important

Not everything has to be important and not everything has to be engineered. When everything is important you have no priority mechanism. You will spend time on things that matter less. This will hurt you.

It will make you miss important deadlines.

You won’t achieve goals and when you do you will feel guilty.

Make hacky solutions more.

A senior software engineer with 10+ years of experience is way better at writing hacky solutions than a junior developer writing hacking solutions. GASP hacky solutions! Yes, hacky solutions. You should write them a lot more. Encourage yourself to do the quick and dirty solutions more. You will find that your quick and dirty solutions will get the job done just as good as the engineered solution in most cases.

Yes, make hacky solutions.

It is actually one of the best kept secrets of programming.

  • hacky solutions
  • ugly solutions
  • clunky solutions
    These are extremely effective tools for exploring and finding new ways to do things. Countless times have I been able to engineer complex systems better because my knowledge of hacky solutions. Additionally, I’ve been able to prioritize and estimate those solutions better with flexibility. I am able to get a project to fit a deadline and satisfy the customers needs better more often.

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