Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

I employed a trick that almost seems unethical. However, I completed the tasks on the timelines my boss presented me and always delivered satisfactory results.

What is the trick? Well before I get to it I have to preface it with the fact that it is about hedging your bets on yourself. I believed that I could do it.
The simple trick was harder to do before remote work started, but now it is even easier to do.
This tip works best for junior developers who are full time employees. Here is the trick,

2 Hours of dedicated work; 6 hours of dedicated craft improvement

Or said a bit longer

Spend 2 hours of your 8 hour workday super focused on completing your work tasks. Then spend the remaining 6 hours dedicated to improving your skillset with the intention of making that 2 hour period easier the next time

This may sound simple or even scammy, but hear me out.

2 hour focused time – This will allow you to give your all in a 2 hour period. It has a time limit IT WILL END.

6 hour study time – This will give you a whole 6 hours to improve your craft. You will improve in a huge way everyday.

I did this. I did this for years. I was the highest performing employee every year for 10 years at my workplace.

How is that even possible? The 6 hour study time made my 2 hours focused work worth more and more time every single day.

I was able to get 3 hours out of 2 hours, then I got 4 hours out of 2 hours, and then I got 5 hours out of 2 hours. I kept outpacing everyone at the company.

I also kept improving my craft. I always had time to improve my craft too since I didn’t max working, but instead maxed out studying/improving.

Did my boss care? Nope. My boss didn’t even notice. I accelerated my career by 5 years and got promoted 3 times.

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