Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

In high level Mathematics classes you will often have to write proofs taking around 3 hours to complete. Proofs require you to think deeply about the given problem until you eventually have an aha! moment that provides you all the information you need to write the proof.

I would often have this aha! moment and it was wonderful. My ability to think deeply was growing and my faith that I could get to an outcome was increasing. I started to understand that rest time mattered and that problems were only a matter of time away from being fixed.

That was my experience, but there is another experience of the Mathematics class. This experience will be characterized via the persona of Bob. Bob wanted to play video games and wanted to just finish his classwork. Bob thought google could solve the problem for him. Bob googled the proof and copied it onto his paper. He was done with his homework in less than 15 minutes.

The next day in class he told me that he googled the answer to the proof. He was then selected by the professor to write out his proof on the whiteboard. Bob, redder than a beet, sheepishly copied his work onto the whiteboard. The professor was impressed. Bob had fooled the teacher. He also had lost all of my respect.

This wasn’t the worst of it all. Bob robbed himself of his imagination, creativity, and determination. One can imagine (if you can still imagine) that going down this path in the long term is filled with missed opportunities.

How does AI rob you of your creativity? AI is not a search engine like google and life isn’t just Math proofs. This is very simple.

Imagine for a moment that you are in art class and your teacher asks you to draw a new creature. This creature must have 5 legs and 3 eyes. It must not be an existing creature. It cannot mimic something found in D&D etc. It has to be truly something new that you created.

You are now in a position where you are given constraints and being asked to create something. Bob can easily type into the chat bot create me a new creates with x y z features. Viola! Bob now has his result without any creativity. Without the use of his imagination.

Of course, I am not saying that everyone will destroy their creativity by using these chat bots. I imagine that those who grow up using these tools their entire life may wonder why they can’t create anything new.

Consumers since birth. Creatures not creators.

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